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The Machine Tool Investment Tax Credit for 2016 is...
Have you used yours?

Every Business is entitled to this Special IRS Section 179 write-off.
It is good towards the purchase of any New (or Used) Machine Tool
purchased and delivered to your plant by the end of this year.

Use it before you lose it
Countdown to December 31st, 2016

Call or Click today for more info on this money saving Investment Tax Credit that your business is entitled to.

A Typical Example of your Savings
Machine Tool price: $70,000.00
Tax Savings: $24,500.00
Your Machine Tool price after Tax Savings: $45,500.00

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Special Price Machine of the Month
Save $3,690.00

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Your Late Model CNC & Manual Machinery

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Something to think about...

Something to think about...

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The Brother Model TC-R2B gives you a competitive edge...

The Brother Model TC-R2B gives you a competitive edge

Faster Tool Changes with our Unique Inline Toolchanger.
Our Faster CNC Control Logic keeps you in the cut more of the time.
With our Rotary Pallet Changer - Part Load Time no longer adds to Part Cycle Time
as Loading the next Part while a Part is being machined
provides Nonstop Machining

Note: With Brother’s constant effort to improve their Machine Tools - The Brother Model TC-R2B Vertical
Machining Center depicted in the above video has been retired and the further improved Brother Models are now
their Model TC-31B, TC-32BN QT, R650X1 and R450X1.

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The Northeast Precision Machinery Salesman
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The Northeast Precision Machinery Salesman that you do not find time to see is the very person that can give your shop a competitive advantage

...is the very person that can give your shop a competitive advantage.
Let us help you with all your manufacturing needs.

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New Product of the Month
The Chip Fan

A new tool that every shop will not want to be without
that provides a safer and faster method of removing chips and coolant
from your tables, fixtures and workpieces than a conventional air hose.

With its Fan Blades retracted allowing storage in your tool changer
and then deployed at speed by centrifugal force
the Chip Fan can hover over your parts and while traversing around them,
clean your parts and workholding devices automatically.

Can be used in all enclosed Horizontal & Vertical Machining Centers.

Chip Fan 1
Chip Fan 2

Advantages of the Chip Fan

The Chip Fan’s cleaning cycle (now a part of the CNC Program) is fixed and dependable,
yielding consistent part cycle times and not dependent upon the operator doing it
or even having to be there by the machine.

With the Chip Fan doing most of the cleaning, the operator is free to do other functions
such as part inspection, adjusting tool offsets, deburring, etc.

Using a Chip Fan minimizes the use of expensive to produce compressed air
and likewise the annoying noise of using an air hose
thus providing a quieter workplace environment.

Operators won’t get messy with chips, coolant and swarf as they would
when exposed to cleaning the only other way with an air hose.

The Chip Fan reaches areas of the work table that are not accessible to the operator
when he dangerously reaches into the machine with an air gun to clean the parts.

Additionally cuts on the operator’s hands, wrists and arms
from sharp not yet deburred parts are minimized and
eye injuries from blown back chips are avoided.

Machines with pallet changers can have their pallets cleaned
before they are removed from the machines enclosure
minimizing the chips, swarf and coolant that are typically blown around the shop
when cleaning pallets outside the machine at the unload station.

Chip Fan models with Coolant-through Shanks (coolant-through spindle required)
provide additional rinsing capability.

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Metalworking Tips & Tricks

Brought to you by our Salesmen
Glenn / Art / Frank / Ryan / Jake / Jim
Each with an extensive and full background in Metalworking & Manufacturing
Trochoidal Milling

Are you doing it? / What is it?

Trochoidal Milling (sometimes also known as Wave Milling) is not as widely used as it deserves to be.
It takes only a simple comparison of cutting data between Conventional and Trochoidal Milling techniques
to begin to reveal the benefits of Trochoidal Milling when milling slots, deep pockets and grooves.

Advantages of Trochoidal Milling
Reduced cycle time due to increased metal removal rates.

Dramatically increased tool life
with the ability to use multi-fluted tools without the chips becoming welded onto the flutes.

Large cutting depths are possible since Trochoidal milling decreases the wear and tear on the tool and machine.
In most cases, this makes it possible to use the entire length of the cutter
to achieve higher chip volume per tooth.

Lower cutting temperatures that require less cooling requirements.

Less cutting forces produce less vibration and thus better part finishes.
Note also that machine vibration is the Number 1 killer of your machines ballscrews.

Our New Hurco Vertical Machining Centers Product Line
with its WinMax CNC Control’s “AdaptiPath” feature
performs a vastly improved patented version of Trochoidal Milling
and so much, much, more!

Conventional Milling vs. AdaptiPath Milling
Same Part / Same Material /Same Feeds & Speeds / Same End Mill

Conventional Milling without Hurco’s “AdaptiPath” Feature
Part Time
6 Minutes 3 Seconds

Milling with Hurco’s “AdaptiPath” Feature
Part Time
2 Minutes 23 Seconds
60% Part Cycle Time Savings!

How it Works

Hurco’s “AdaptiPath” feature on their CNC Control
will reduce your Part Cycle Time by 60% over the method you use now on your CNC

Hurco’s “AdaptiPath” feature – How it works

Videos of our Machine Tool Brands

  • Star CNC Machine Tool Corp
  • Hurco CNC
  • Brother
  • SMEC

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