Star SR-20J Lathe

Star SR-20J Specifications

Item Type C Type N
Max. machining diameter ⌀ 20mm(25/32in)
Max. headstock stroke Standard 205mm(8in) 55mm
With RMGB 172mm(6-25/32in) (Bar diameterx2.5)
Tool Number of tools 6 tools 
Tool shank 1/2" square
4-Spindle sleeve holder Number of tools Front 4 tools : OP
Rear Up to 4 tools
Max. drilling capability ⌀ 10mm(25/64in)
Max. tapping capability M8XP1.25
Power driven att. Number of tools 3~10 tools : including OP; Standard (5) up to 15 OP
Max. drilling capability ⌀ 8mm(5/16in)
Max. tapping capability M6XP1.0
Max. milling capability ⌀ 10mm(25/64in)
Max. slotting capability 50mm Saw
Main spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Rapid feed rate 35m/min(X, Y, Z, XB, ZB), 198,000°/min [c]
Main spindle speed Max. 10,000 min-1
Main spindle motor 2.2kw(continuous)/3.7kw(15min.)
2-spindle front sleeve
Number of tools (sleeve) 2 tools
Max. drilling capability 10mm
Max. depth of hole 100mm(4")
Power-driven att. spindle speed Max. 8,000 min-1
Power-driven att. drive motor 1.2kw (1.6 HP)
Coolant tank capacity 170 l
Dimensions (WxDxH) 2,250X1,200X1,700mm
Weight 2,200kg
Power consumption 5.2KVA
A-weighted sound pressure note-1 Max. 69dB (A)
The above machining capacities apply to SUS303 material. The machining capacity may differ from listed values depending on the machining conditions, such as the material to be machined or the tools to be used.
Measures in comforting to EN standard.
A-weighted sound pressure is a general assessment standard characteristic that corrected the sound level to human acoustic sense.