Star SV-12/20/32 automatic lathe

Star SV-12/20/32 Standard Accessories and Functions

  • Backworking Attachment
  • Drive system for power-driven attachment (including the 3-spindle cross-milling unit)
  • Main spindle C-axis control unit
  • Sub spindle C-axis control unit
  • Parts separator
  • Broken cutoff tool detector
  • Revolving guide bush unit
  • Tool holder (Using gang post)
  • Parts ejection detector
  • Sub spindle air blow unit
  • Lubricating oil level detector
  • Door interlock unit
  • Main/Sub spindle speeds synchronous control
  • Rigid Tapping (Main/Sub spindle)
  • Rigid Tapping (gang tool)
  • Rigid Tapping (turret)
  • Absolute position detection function
  • Custom Macro B
  • Background editing function
  • Automatic bar feeder interface
  • Coolant oil flow sensor
  • Canned cycle for drilling
  • Run hour display function
  • Constant surface speed control
  • Main spindle speed fluctuation detection function
  • Tool nose radius compensation
  • Programmable data input

Backworking Attachment Specifications

Item SV-12 SV-20 SV-32
Maximum chucking diameter ø13mm (1/2 in) ø20mm (25/32 in) ø32mm (1-1/4 in)
Max. length for front ejection 130mm (5-1/8 in) 150mm (5-7/8 in)
Max. part projection length 55mm (2-11/64 in) 75mm (2-15/64 in) from collet end
Turret Type Number of tools Max. 3 tools/1 face : OP
Maximum drilling capacity ø8mm (5/16 in) ø10mm (25/64 in) ø13mm (1/2 in)
Maximum tapping capacity M8 x P1.25 M12 x P1.75
Maximum die cutting capacity M8 x P1.25 M12 x P1.75
Sub-spindle min. indexing angle 0.01° (C-axis control) Standard 0.01° (C-axis control) Standard 0.01° (C-axis control) Standard
Sub-spindle speed Max. 12,000 min-1 Max. 10,000 min-1 Max. 7,000 min-1
Sub-spindle motor (AC spindle) 2.2kw (continuous)/3.7kw(15min.) 2.2kw (continuous)/3.7kw(30min.)